UX Professionals Forum

In the UX Professionals Forum of the i-com Journal of Interactive Media researchers and practitioners share their experiences in the design and evaluation of interactive products. The forum encourages exchange and discussion among practitioners and academics through practice-oriented articles on usability/user experience.

The preferred language for contributions is English.

You are cordially invited to write an article for our forum in i-com for one of the upcoming issues! We look forward to receiving reports from exciting projects as well as your opinions and experiences on specific topics in the context of usability/user experience.

As an inspiration for possible contributions, we propose three categories:

  • Experience: a critical examination of the practitioner’s actions, i.e., previous experiences, successes, and failures – other practitioners certainly benefit from this, but also scientists who gain insight into real situations and problems. Here, it is important to discuss the relevance of one’s own experiences or project results for others.
  • Knowledge: a brief introduction to a method, a domain, or current trends and developments that provides orientation for practitioners and makes them want to delve deeper into a topic.
  • Opinion: there are also controversial topics in the design of interactive products – opinion pieces take up such topics, offer the space for presenting personal views, and encourage discussion.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a contribution, please contact Lara Christoforakos (lara.christoforakos@psy.lmu.de) directly.

Contributions to the UX Professionals Forum in the recent issues of i-com

2024/1: Miles apart but close at heart? Exploration of UX checklist for relatedness technologies based on focus groups, Klara Schuster, Angelina Krupp, Sarah Diefenbach

2023/2: The thing that made me think – Navigating challenges and embracing opportunities of (pro-) active technology for behavior change in the context of sustainability, Madlen Kneile, Till Maria Jürgens, Lara Christoforakos, Matthias Laschke

2023/1: Addressing loneliness in the workplace through human-robot interaction – Development and evaluation of a social office robot concept, Melina Busch, Tim Lindermayer, Klara Schuster, Jonas Zhang, Pia von Terzi

2022/2: Ethical, Legal & Participatory Concerns in the Development of Human-Robot Interaction – Lessons from Eight Research Projects with Social Robots in Real-World Scenarios, Felix Carros, Tobias Störzinger, Anne Wierling, Adrian Preussner, Peter Tolmie