i-com is an international scientific journal that is devoted to different topics around Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Since Volume 23 (2023) i-com is a Full/Golden Open Access journal – listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – https://doaj.org/toc/2196-6826

The journal is supported by the special interest group on “Human-Computer Interaction” (FB MCI) at the German Association for Informatics (GI). We publish “classical” research articles but also work covering (design) case studies and work with a strong practice orientation.

i-com 2023

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i-com 2021/3

Anniversary Issue

20 years of i-com – what has become of the topics in the first issues?


On this website we provide calls for articles for future special issues of i-com and an archive of already published (special) issues of i-com. For additional information and for information on how to submit your work to i-com see the publishers homepage of i-com or the i-com page in the website of FB MCI.

The first volume of i-com has been published in 2001. Since Volume 23 (2023) i-com is published as a Golden Open Access journal. The volumes before 2023 are available for free at the publishers website or in the GI Digital Library.

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